About Us

Beyond Source is a Young, Dynamic, Global Business Process Services company with a strong presence around the world. We provide customized, scalable solutions to organizations looking to outsource tasks and functions and gain a competitive advantage both on costs and quality.

Our end-to-end services are suitable for every type and size of the company with offerings ranging from Finance and Accounting to Data Management and Research Services from Recruitment to Admission Processes and Marketing.

The Outsourcing Industry Today

Organizations today increasingly outsource support functions. This is an attractive option because of factors like high costs, lack of internal expertise, the difficulty of recruiting the right people, and a desire to maintain a sharp focus on the main business. However, concerns over data security, trust, communication and reliability make many organizations reluctant to take such an approach.

Where We Stand

At Beyond Source, we go beyond the traditional and often misleading distinction between core and non-core functions. We help you to identify the tasks that you can beneficially outsource and we execute these tasks efficiently. We offer you great flexibility, full data security and confidentiality 24×7 support and effective communication and coordination with your internal teams.

While cost is an important factor, we recognize that it is not the only factor for organizations looking to outsource. We look beyond merely providing low-cost solutions and provide real support and value addition.

We bring a new edge to outsourcing with innovative techniques and unique models that we have developed over years of extensive experience as an innovator in the field of Onsite-Offshore services.

Our expertise and domain knowledge covers a wide range of service areas and is strengthened by our years of experience across various industries. With our support, you can maintain an internal focus on what brings your organization the most value while we take care of everything else, from sourcing to execution.

We source the right people, the right models, the right tools and the right infrastructure for your needs.

For organizations with the need and desire, we have the ability to go much further, setting up a complete back-office team. We can set up a full-fledged Centre of Excellence with well-defined processes, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a world-class staff.

We Are Your Team!

Our vision is to provide the best business support function teams. We see ourselves as not merely a solutions provider, but an extension of your organization. Our aim is to nurture a long-term relationship that supports your goals.

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